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          Operation Posidonia

Operation Posidonia, is a restoration project that aims to bring back lost seagrass habitat.  

Seagrass meadows may not be the most striking of marine habitats at first glance, but they are one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth, and they are also among the most endangered.

Operation Posidonia aims to restore a species called Posidonia Australis, a slow-growing seagrass that has been classified as ‘endangered’ in many NSW estuaries.

To prevent damaging existing Posidonia meadows during restoration, we are seeking to enlist the help of local communities to collect donor seagrass shoots that become naturally detached after big storms.

The project involves gathering volunteers to help us with Operation Posidonia’s Storm Squad! Instructions on how to be a Storm Squad member can be found on the website:


We have already collected approximately 250 Posidonia fragments and have started to establish a small but healthy donor population. We still need many more shoots for the restoration!

The Operation Posidonia Crew

Adriana Vergés, Lana Kajlich, Giulia Ferretto, Derrick Cruz & Sophie Powell

University of New South Wales


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