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August 2017

Shoal Bay Traffic Lights & 

Pedestrian Crossing


Yes, the answer to your many queries regarding traffic lights in Shoal Bay.  Port Stephens Council is to upgrade the Shoal Bay/Government Road junction to include traffic lights and to construct the pedestrian crossing at the village centre that will include roadside coach parking.

The Council has received confirmation of funding for these upgrades as part of the Federal Government's Accident Black Spot program allowing for works to proceed.

The works will be undertaken after the busy holiday period, to avoid excessive traffic disruption, at the beginning of 2017.


Award won by Tim Meharg, Chairman of the Shoal Bay Community Association

and member of the Shoal Bay Beach Preservation Committee

Environmental Award Outcomes


Trees of Newcastle (TIN) undertook their “bush regeneration day” (see below) on 24 May at Shoal Bay foreshore with great gusto tackling the Dolichos pea (Dipogon lignosus) in the morning moving onto asparagus weed in the afternoon.

Graham (TIN) walked the volunteers through the area identifying weeds and plants alike dispensing his knowledge to all attendees.  The volunteer group found it to be very informative session.

Environmental Award

Tim Meharg, Chairman of the Shoal Bay Community Association, received the inaugural environmental reporting award from Port Stephens Council

Tim, with the inaugural award for consistent and accurate reporting on environmental works and herbicide application, your group are awarded one full day of paid contractor bush regeneration at a site of your choice, to the value of $1,600.

Jordan Skinner, Port Stephens Council

Bike racks


The Shoal Bay Community Association has organized the installation of three bicycle racks on the Shoal Bay foreshore. The racks, each capable of holding ten bikes, have been positioned to benefit both visitors and residents.

To cater for those using the shopping precinct a rack has been installed in front of Aura Apartments and Shoal Bay’s central beach near the main public toilets.

Another has been located next to the boat ramp to service the eastern end of the beach and the many visitors accessing Marrungbangbaa Reserve.

The third has been installed to provide for cyclists who wish to explore Tomaree headland.

The bike racks were financed by funds raised by the Shoal Bay Community Association, a grant from Port Stephens Council and a generous donation from the owners of the Aura Building.

Marrungbangbaa Reserve

From Gathan, the language of the Worimi People, meaning 'a place of great beauty'.

Marrungbangbaa Reserve borders the eastern end of Shoal Bay Beach from the Shoal Bay Boat Ramp to the Tomaree Lodge gates. The eastern end of Shoal Bay Road, which provides access for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, was in a very poor state of repair and unsafe.


The area between the road and the beach was upgraded to include a shared pathway from the boat ramp to the Tomaree Lodge entrance, and public amenities such as picnic shelters, barbeque facilities, and park benches. The pathway was designed to skirt existing native trees. Landscaping using native vegetation completed the resoration.

1 Old Road.JPG
2 New Road.jpg

Shoal Bay Road


This section of Shoal Bay Road through Marrungbangbaa Reserve has been rebuilt and resurfaced, and traffic calming devices introduced to reduce the speed of vehicles accessing Tomaree Head, Tomaree Lodge and Zenith Beach.


Boat ramp


Port Stephens Council replaced the dilapidated East Shoal Bay boat ramp with a raised structure complemented by  landscaping to the west of the ramp. The project included some levelling to create a paved viewing area, installation of a new section of footpath/cycle path, planting of a number of street trees, and a grassed area complete with a new irrigation system. The works were designed to improve public access to the foreshore and around the existing boat ramp facilities.

Boat trailer park


The boat trailer parking area opposite the boat ramp was poorly drained and free-form leading to ineffective use. The improvements entailed the area being filled, levelled and block/paved to provide for 20-30 vehicles and trailers. These areas were designed and built to have low visual impact, with native vegetation used to soften the visual impact of a large number of cars and boat trailers.




The once condemned Shoal Bay Wharf was replaced with a new structure. The original wharf, which was featured on tourism brochures and websites, had been closed to the public in 2011 for safety reasons. The jetty had been an iconic part of Shoal Bay and the loss of the jetty had meant a part of Shoal Bay "disappeared".


West link walk


The 450-metre path cuts through bush along Shoal Bay foreshore, starting at the intersection of Government and Shoal Bay roads, paving an easy route westward to Anzac Park. The path enables walkers and cyclists to go between Tomaree Head and Soldiers Point via Nelson Bay and Corlette, and this section provides a long, unimpeded walkway with magnificent water views.


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