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News and Events November 2017

Shoal Bay Play ground - have your say        before 3 December 2017

Port Stephens Council are providing a new improved playground  for Shoal Bay and are seeking input about where to build it.                                    See attached pdf.

Vote online at .

Do not forget the meeting on Thursday 16 November 15:30 Venue Shoal Bay Holiday Park


This is to explain the Community Strategic Plan 2028 Discussion Paper (see article below the Tomaree update) and Brock Lamont ( Manager Community and Recreation Coordinator) will give an update on the proposed upgrade of Shoal Bay foreshore and the location of the new playground site. These proposals will also be uploaded to when prepared. 

Tomaree Headland Update  (Tomaree Head Lot 453 Deposited Plan 705463)

On 29 October 2016 a Family and Community Services (FACS) spokesperson confirmed:

that the removal of 38 residents from Tomaree Lodge, the Port's lone state-run disability care hospital for the past 28 years, has started and that that the NSW government was committed to the redevelopment of Tomaree Lodge by June 30, 2018.

Land ownership

Geoff Washington undertook research and found that on 9 June 1950 LOT 453 DP 705463 known as Tomaree Head was in Dedication No: 2070334 - that the land was dedicated for a hospital site under the control of the Minister of Health.

However in 2 June 2006 Gazette the Dedication No: 2070334 - the land dedicated for a hospital site was revoked.

We are still researching to get a definite decision on who has control over the Headland whether it is NSW Department of Health or some other Ministry.  This is being followed up by a number of people on different fronts.

One such advice so far is that it has been compulsory acquired by a Government department for a notional $ value so that Finance can sell it when it is surplus to requirements.  A similar category happened to Mambo Wetlands.


May 2006 a meeting was arranged with Minister for Ageing & Disability John Ajaka, and his senior staff, the operator of the Lodge to discuss Tomaree Head after its closure.  The result of the meeting was:

  • No decision had been made on the future of Tomaree Headland after the vacating of the Lodge

  • Outcome: Registered as Party of Interest, NSW National Parks and Worimi Aboriginal People and the Association to be kept informed.

Tomaree Head Heritage

The association has contacted the NSW Minister of Heritage Gabrielle Upton office to explore if the Government would recognise the Heritage value of the site, arguably the third most important defensive establishment in NSW during the second world war.  This we are still following up on, however they have forwarded on our correspondence to the Health Minister Brad Hazzard, which again we are pursuing.

The Association has been in contact with the local RSL Sub Branch President Tom Lupton who fully backs our efforts.

The Australian War Memorial is supportive of our attempts to preserve the site however despite extensive research, had very little information on their systems in regard to the military establishment apart from the publication “The Guns of Tomaree”. (download available for non-commercial use at

The Association has been keeping our local MP Kate Washington informed of our actions and the issues have been explained to Dawn Walker of the Greens MLC.  Both are very supportive of our concerns.

The Association has a meeting arranged with the Mayor and East Ward Councillors to coordinate our efforts.

What we do not want is another debacle like the Mambo Wetlands with the sale of land without any consultation.

What is the Community Association proposing?

The Shoal Bay Community Association is proposing that the Government consider the establishment of a reserve trust under the Crown Lands Act 1989: “The Tomaree Headland Reserve Trust”.

What is a reserve trust?

A reserve trust is a legal body that cares for a Crown reserve on behalf of the people of NSW.

NSW has more than 34,000 Crown reserves, of which around 700 are managed by community volunteers and 7800 managed by Councils.

Reserve trusts enable the NSW Government, local councils, service organisations and members of the community to manage and care for the reserved land to facilitate and encourage community use and enjoyment.

By working together NSW Crown land (the Department) and the community can:

  • recognise and conserve the special values of Crown reserves

  • ensure that all persons have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these values

  • protect reserves for future generations

  • manage the reserves to meet community needs.

The Department provides reserve trusts with operational support and can help trusts secure financial assistance.









Tomaree Lodge

Have your say


Community Strategic Plan 2028 Discussion Paper
Our Place.  Our Plan.  Our Port Stephens


You are cordially invited to attend a meeting arranged between the Port Stephens Council and the Association to introduce and discuss the Port Stephens Council Community Strategic Plan.  The plan sets out a 10 year vision of where the Port Stephens Community wants to go.


Venue: Conference  Room,  Shoal Bay Holiday Park

Date: Thursday 16 November 2017,  Time: 3:30 to 5.00pm


Port Stephens Council is interested in your views about the future of Port Stephens, which is outlined in their Community Strategic discussion Paper.


Through submissions and working closely with Port Stephens Council, our Association has played a major part in achieving upgrades that have transformed the amenity and made Shoal Bay truly live up to its name as the ‘jewel of Port Stephens’.


All are welcome to attend the meeting to have your say.  The information gained at this meeting will enable you to have a say in how you would like our Community to develop.


For more detail download  the




Further information can be found on the Council’s website: 



White-bellied sea eagle over Shoal Bay
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