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News and Events September 2017

Port Stephens Council would like members of the SBCA and the Shoal Bay community to voice their opinions to potential of playground locations.

During the 2017 AGM, Port Stephens Council Managers requested feedback from our Association and the Shoal Bay Community on the location of the planned foreshore playground equipment.

This is to enable them to progress a few equipment concepts dependent on the site.  Attached below is the Council's site appraisal for your consideration.

Please respond with your ideas on your preferred location and reasons to (or "use contact us" below)to be consolidated and forwarded onto Council.

2017 Annual General Meeting


The 2017 Shoal Bay Community Association Inc. held its Annual General Meeting on:

Monday 14 August 2017 at 4pm.  The meeting was open to all interested members of the public.


Minutes to be published shortly

Guest Speakers included


Shoal Bay Country Club’s    Owner/Director Andrew Lazarus will speak at the meeting to update the community on the Country Club's plans.

Port Stephens Council‘s      Community and Recreation Coordinator Brock Lamont and Council's Asset Manager John Maretich will

attend the meeting to update issues affecting Shoal Bay.

Port Stephens Council Elections Saturday 9 September 2017  "Awaiting Results"


Due to time constraints and complexity of arranging a combined meeting with all the East Ward Councillor Candidates the Association sent out the following list of points for each
Candidate to respond to.  The replies received are below the questions.
  1. Tomaree Lodge is set to close by mid-2018. What is your position on maintaining public access to this historic and spectacular precinct?

  2. Will you actively support construction of the Fingal Bay bypass within the next term of Council.

  3. In 2015 Shoal Bay volunteers, with permission of Council, built a pathway from the shops through the foreshore reserve with a view to eventually linking with Anzac Park. However, work ceased at a point just beyond the Holiday Park on the understanding that Council would complete the path. If elected, will you follow through on Council’s undertaking to complete what is commonly referred to as the ‘missing link’?

  4. A number of roads in Shoal Bay are in urgent need of resurfacing, kerbing and guttering, pedestrian pathways, and better lighting. For example, Tomaree Road and Rigney Street are key access roads to Shoal Bay Primary School, yet the roads are in poor condition and there are no pedestrian pathways. Mothers with strollers, and children, are forced to share narrow Tomaree Road with school buses, coaches and other traffic. In the new Council, what priority would you place on remedying this dangerous situation, and on generally upgrading roads in the area?

  5. Up to 40 cars are now being parked on the southern side of Anzac Park, creating an ugly point of entry into Shoal Bay and damaging tree root systems. Will you investigate alternative parking arrangements for Harbourside Haven staff, such as having them park in Beach Rd on the northern side of Anzac Park?

  6. What is your attitude to Council’s planning instruments? Do you regard them as standards to be upheld or only as guidelines, as seems to be the existing view, and why?

  7. Will you ensure community concerns expressed about any proposed structure, infrastructure or other plan are factored into Council decision-making?

  8. Will you work to ensure the generally low-rise character of Shoal Bay is not compromised by developers seeking to lift building heights?

  9. Residents and students who rely on public transport are poorly served with bus shelters. Will you press for more shelters to be built, and old unsightly structures replaced?




Response from John Nell:

Response from Jaimie Abbot:

Response from David Simm:

Responses from the East Ward Councillor Candidates to the Association's questions
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