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Tomaree Headland Orchids

Nodding Greenhood Orchid
(Pterostylis nutans)  Other Names: Parrot's Beak Orchid

Nodding Greenhood is an Australian orchid found in the eastern states. The plant has a rosette of three to six oval shaped leaves that grow to a length of 9 cm at the base. The green hooded flowers droop downwards and are about 2.5 cm long and produced on a stem about 30 cm tall. Flowering is in winter and spring (July to October). The plants die back in summer.
(Photo Tomaree)
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Tomaree Donkey Orchid.jpg


Tomaree Donkey Orchid
(Diuris Arenaria)  Other Names: The sand loving orchid and sand doubletail

Photo taken at Gan Gang Army Camp Sept 2009 
Diuris Arenaria is endemic to a small area of New South Wales aincluding the Tomaree peninsular hence the name known locally as the Tomaree donkey orchid.





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Photo taken at Gan Gang Army Camp Sept 2009 






Tall Sun Orchid
(Thelymitra Mediaia) 
Similar Orchids: Spotted Sun. Scented Sun and Large Veined Sun.

Photos taken at Gan Gang Army Camp Sept 2009 
Thelymitra Media is found on Tomaree Peninsular and South Eastern Australia



Hyacinth Orchid.jpg
Rosy Hyacinth Orchid - native (Dipodium roseum)
Native of Eastern Australia. It is a leafless orchid. The stout brown flower stalk appears in summer, and the pink spotted flower appear sequentially
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