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News and Events June 2017

Port Stephens Council are asking for your comments

Tomaree survey for the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan


Port Stephens Council is preparing to revise its Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) for the Tomaree Peninsula. This plan will cover the towns of Anna Bay, Boat Harbour, Corlette, Fingal Bay, Fishermans Bay, Nelson Bay, One Mile, Salamander Bay, Shoal Bay, Solders Point and Taylors Beach.

The revised PAMP will help to focus State and Council investment in safe and convenient pedestrian infrastructure on key routes in towns across the Tomaree Peninsula.

The PAMP will help to integrate the footpath network with Port Stephens’ growing residential areas, schools and workplaces. It will propose facilities to cater to the needs of all pedestrians including senior citizens, pedestrians with mobility and vision impairments and school children. It will identify any ‘gaps’ and deficiencies in the pedestrian network and the new infrastructure required such as footpaths and safe road crossings.

The first part of the revision of this plan is to undertake a community survey about the current pedestrian facilities and the future needs of pedestrians in the study area.

If you strong views about the quality or lack of Shoal Bay footpaths make your views heard - log onto:

and complete the Tomaree survey for the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan


The survey closes 25 June 2017


This is a great opportunity to highlight any area you may be aware of that needs fixing.


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