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News and Events May 2022

Please find below the minutes of the 2022 AGM

Shoal Bay Community Association

Annual General Meeting Minutes


3.40pm  4 April 2022  Shoal Bay Holiday Park meeting room




Tim Meharg (TM)  acknowledges traditional custodians of Shoal Bay and respects to Worimi elders and welcomes all past and present  Association members.



Tomaree Headland Heritage Group Inc. Presentation



Introduction of Geoff Washington(GW) and TM acknowledges research done by Judy Washington on the history of Tomaree.


GW and Peter Clough (PC):  The Tomaree Headland Heritage Group (THHG) came together in 2018 when it was clear people were leaving Tomaree Lodge and the buildings became uninhabited.  The site has great potential and was the catalyst for the creation of THHG consisting of like-minded groups in the area.


It consists of a number of local committees, approx. 8-9 groups including Shoal Bay Community Association.  It also has private members with an interest in the fate of Tomaree Lodge.


The Tomaree Headland area is divided between National Parks on the east/ocean side and the old hospital on the west/bay side.


Vision statement with key opportunities for education and research.  Various eco tours, education, military, interpretive centre and museum. 


Need to address transport and recreate the jetty for water access.  Frank Future, Imagine Cruises, thinks it’s a good idea for him to use the jetty for tourism.  National Parks are more interested in walking tracks.  Land claims have been put in by local indigenous groups.


At present the land is owned by NSW State Government and administered by the NSW Dept of Communities and Justice – who have no interest in keeping it.

Minutes and Treasurer’s report have been published on the Associations website in March News and Events


Robert Mitchell, as Returning Officer, came forward to declare all positions vacant.

Election of Office bearers:


Committee –  Nominations


Chris Bastic             Chairperson  nominated by Tim Meharg  2nd Penny Meharg

Nigel Dique             Deputy Chairperson  nominated by David Wilson 2nd Penny Wilson

Roz Welsh                Secretary                                      (apologies TBD)

Ted MacKay             Treasurer  nominated by Tim Meharg  2nd Penny Meharg



Committee members:


David Wilson                 nominated by Penny Wilson 2nd Penny Meharg

George Hammond       nominated by Tim Meharg   2nd Penny Meharg

Tim Meharg                   nominated by Nigel Dique    2nd Penny Meharg

Roz Welsh                       nominated by Sandra Miles  2nd Derek Welsh


Returning Officer:  Robert Mitchell No secondary nominations so all duly elected


  • Minutes of last meeting 11 Sept 2019  Acceptance proposed by:                              Seconded by:

  • Treasurers Report:balance $3,631.73   Acceptance proposed by:                              Seconded by:



General Business


Change of Chair from Tim Meharg to Chris Bastic as new Chair.


All other positions remain the same with TM staying on as a Committee Member.



Chris Bastic (CB) accepts position of Chair.  He acknowledges Worimi elders, past present and gave thanks to Tim and Penny for their work over the last few years.

“Tim gave me a comprehensive historical file which I went through.  Good job – thanks.”


CB:  Bought a holiday home here in 2000 and moved in 2020.  Born in the Eastern suburbs, he worked and attended university in Sydney.  Involved as Councillor of Randwick and became Mayor of Randwick.


There are two processes which need to be addressed.


Council have done a liveability study - Place Plan.  There has been consultation and after that there will be a community strategic plan.  We put a submission in for both these plans and will develop them over next couple of weeks.  Meet with Council and get them to support our plan.  Chris is happy to do a draft and send out by email to get other ideas.


Initial concerns are:  drainage, lack of curb/guttering and roads.


Big priority to get Council to work with us and get the plans in place.  Tomaree Road is in bad shape and 2028 is an unacceptably long delay for repair work.  We need to get this brought forward in their plans.  We need to stress this as a major priority.



TM:    Foreshore erosion.  July last year we had storm erosion and we were worried it would break through to Shoal Bay Road.  It was classified as emergency by the Council.  Another erosion event – more trees down.  Councils have to put in a plan by this November.  State government will then decide priorities.  However, Council can’t get funding until it actually collapses (there are presently no funds for Fingal Road repairs).  No work is allowed to protect this from happening.  Maritime rule below high water mark and Council above.


The trees damaged along Shoal Bay beach will be cut down and removed to stop eddies and further erosion.   Other trees will go.


On the other side of the bay, along Jimmy’s Beach at Tea Gardens, there is also sea damage.  The present method of pumping and depositing sand on the beach is very costly and needs to be repeated constantly.


The predicted sea level rises in 2050 indicate Shoal Bay will become an island with climate change.  We will have big problems. 


From the floor:  Groynes used on UK beaches seem to work.  Has this been tried before?  Another attendee confirmed this had been done a long time ago but later removed as being unsightly.



Nigel Dique (ND) on Tomaree Road


The road is narrow especially as vehicles park on both sides.  New potholes have appeared due to the recent heavy rain.  Council has promised to fix but nothing to date.  We have schools, young families and people with disabilities using the road for access as there are no footpaths.


Traffic has to stop to allow vehicles to drive past.  We want Council to act before 2028.


Parking is a major problem.  Holiday time is impossible. 


Maitland is developing rapidly and the population come to Shoal Bay and Fingal for day trips.  This migration is over the whole year and not just holiday time.



Nigel Waters (NW) Tomaree Ratepayers & Residents Association, (TRRA):


Catalina Motel on corner of Lillian Street and Shoal Bay Road.


This was a 2 storey motel.  In 2016 a DA was approved for 16 units and the old motel was demolished.  Late last year the owners put in an application for modification from 16 units down to 9 units.  2/3 bedroom apartments.  It is still a motel, available for short term rent.  It won’t be decided by Council staff but the whole Council in May or June this year.  There will be a report by the planners and Council will make a decision.  The Mayor is an interested party and will not be able to vote.


Whilst it is too late to put in a submission to Council, it is not too late to lobby Councillors prior to the Council Meeting that discusses the development.  We will notify members when this is due.


Overall it will be 2.2 metres higher.  The revised design has a roof garden.  Possible increase of noise and lights.    This is over the 9m height set for the site.  Buildings next door are 2 storey or 3 story walk-up.  Developers are pushing the limits.  Locals are encouraged to write to the Council with their concerns.


It is more than a minor change and goes to an urban design panel.


The plan has two advantages – a nicer design.  Now 9 units which allow for 2/3 bedroom units.  This might allow for permanent occupants. 


Car parking – only 8 spaces for 9 units.  This is not sufficient. 


Should a DA be put to Council while new plans are being put in place?  (Place Plan)


Other areas in Australia have their own rules on this.  Our planners have another agenda – we need to stop using green areas for development.  Modest growth not large numbers of houses.


If this goes through as a Motel perhaps Council can make ruling on parking spaces – whether permanent or temporary.


Set-backs – these comply but are very narrow.


For more information the TRRA submission will be published on the Association  website in April.


Tomaree Road – potholes slow cars down but volume of traffic very high as it goes to Fingal.  Proposed by-pass has been on the table for 60 years.  Austral Street was a popular choice for alternative route.  3 choices (Option 1 - Fingal Bay Link Road; option 2: Austral Street extension; option 3: local road network improvements).


Shoa Bay Newsagent:  Can meeting time be later for locals who have to work ie after 5pm?


TM:  Thanks to Shoal Bay Holiday Park for the use of the meeting room and the Council for waiving the cost.


CB:  Thanked Tim for his work with the Association. 


Now looking at quarterly meetings possibly one with a BBQ.


Best method of communicating invitations and information will be through email.

Meeting closed at:  5pm

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