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News and Events March 2022

Since first publishing the AGM in the March News and events, another issue has risen - the Catalina Motel site DA

Perspective 1.jpg
Perspective 1.jpg
Rooftop Garden.jpg
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It may have been a while since our last AGM however the sun is still rising every day. Like may other Associations Covid has prevented the Shoal Bay Association from holding face to face meetings. The Association has booked the Shoal Bay Holiday Park conference room and is ready to go.  The invitation flier is attached below with pdf forms regarding the Agenda, plus Committee Nomination Forms available with a click.  The old Committee look forward to catching up with both the old and potential/new members.

Heading 6
Once again the Shoal Bay foreshore has been seriously eroded. An on-site meeting was quickly arranged with Port Stephens Council Management including the General Manager, the outcomes will discussed at the AGM.
Dinghy slide tree.jpg

Shoal Bay Foreshore
The response from locals and the general public has been very positive in regards  to the redevelopment of the foreshore park.  Unfortunately a number of people have taken exception to the planted trees and have poisoned them.
Council is going to undertake replanting and put up notices in regards to the poisoning and will take action against any culprits.



Catalina Motel site on corner of Lillian & Shoal Bay Road

The Association received an email from TRRA this morning in regards to the development of the old Catalina Motel.  The Shoal Bay Community Association will make a submission, if you feel strongly you may want to make an individual submission.

This is urgent as submission lodgements close on Friday 18 March

Attached shown above are a couple of photos to give you an idea of the proposed application.  The data tracking link is below and is 12mb in size so if interested you need to download it. 

The building height is slightly higher than the one over the other side of Lillian Street and then there is a roof top garden with structure on top raising the height.

Also attached is an assessment word document by TRRA, if you wish to raise an objection they do not mind if you use their data.

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