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News and Events May 2017

Shoal Bay Traffic Installation Update and Council Walk-Through

New Shoal Bay pedestrian crossing

Stormwater pipes being installed            

Bicycle racks in full use over Easter

Modified Stormwater outfall               

Start of road widening to cater for traffic lights

Looking to the future – Council officers visit Shoal Bay


The transformation of Shoal Bay into a much more people friendly precinct continues, with the Shoal Bay Community Association playing an integral role in the improvements.


After talks with Mayor Bruce MacKenzie and Council’s Group Manager Facilities and Services Greg Kable on 28 March, it was agreed that a further meeting be held with Council officers at Shoal Bay to discuss suggested improvements.


Shortly after Easter, Association committee members Tim Meharg, Nigel Dique and Peter Dunkley met with Kable; Civil Assets Planning Manager, Adam Stewart; Project Manager – Design, Barry McDaid; Community Recreation Coordinator, Brock Lamont; Section Manager for Public Domain and Services, Peter Matwijow; and Community Engagement Officer Elizabeth Akerman.

Cr Sally Dover joined the group for a ‘walk-and-talk’ from the boat ramp to the wharf and on to the gravel walkway constructed by local volunteers in 2015, and beyond. It provided an opportunity to discuss on site issues that the Association felt Council needed to address.


Tomaree Lodge to wharf

For example, east of the wharf, issues include the location of beach furniture, a potential site for outdoor gym equipment, beach erosion threatening the concrete path, wheelchair access opposite Tomaree Road and tree trunk protection from brush cutting, which was effectively ring barking trees planted by Council.


Wharf to Government Road

At the wharf Council officers’ attention was drawn to the lack of proper beach access alongside the wharf, causing beach goers to create their own access and cause further erosion. Other issues discussed were:

  • hand rails for users of steps on the wharf

  • a concrete platform at the entrance to the wharf to create a concourse, with safety rails, seating and bike racks.

  • widening of the existing narrow kerb access opposite the pub that has caused mobility vehicles to overturn

  • attention to beach erosion that has caused the grassed area to be heavily utilized

  • provision of facilities including power points for state and national SUP/Dragon boat championships

  • upgrade and realignment of the pathway in front of the business centre.

  • lighting, BBQs, seating and showers with drains

  • removal of concrete plinths in front of the pharmacy to create a larger picnic area


Further issues discussed included:

Government Road

  • upgrade of the toilet block

  • beach erosion

  • potential sites for playground equipment and/or gym equipment

  • upgrade of the pathway and location in front of the business centre

  • lighting, BBQs, seating and showers with drains


End of the grass reserve

  • removal of the existing pathway to the road and kerb access to restrict crossing points

  • upgrade of the walkway from gravel to a hard surface, from the reserve to the existing pedestrian crossing opposite the Holiday Park.

  • attention to erosion and beach access sections

  • closure of the middle road access to the walkway to restrict crossing points

  • completion of the walkway to Beach Road with a gravel path and boardwalk


All agreed the ‘walk and talk’ was a worthwhile exercise. Now that it has a more in depth picture of the Shoal Bay community’s immediate concerns Council will be in a better position to chart action plans.


In regard to the off road parking opposite Harbourside Haven, Council is looking at formalising angle parking on the side of Shoal Bay Road to the east of the refuge crossing and bus stop.


The new stormwater mains pipes currently being installed are to service the area of Bullecourt Street in the immediate future. However, they are designed to be extended to alleviate any flooding in Horace Street at a future date.


The completion of the realignment of Shoal Bay/Government Road and the installation of traffic lights will recommence after Anzac Day.


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