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Whales Galore

The whales are back  in greater numbers and happier than they have been for many a year. To find out why watch David Attenborough "The Year Earth Changed"

Some loved them, others hated them, but the Parklets have gone.  Council removed them on 29th June .  Parking is slowly returning to its normal inadequacy while the foreshore upgrade progresses.

Something to look forward to: a new flavour is coming to Shoal Bay Country Club, an authentic Greek dining experience focused on shared meals due to open in August.


Tomaree Coastal Walk


Update 29 June 2021

You are receiving this email because you have registered your interest in the Tomaree Coastal Walk project or have been identified as a stakeholder. We appreciate your ongoing interest and involvement in the project.


The project has been progressing steadily with work focused on updating and finalising the master plan and Review of Environmental Factors (REF).


The attached submissions report (See News and Events June 21) outlines the feedback received and the changes made to the master plan and REF to address the feedback received.    


The REF has been finalised and is approved. You can view the final REF online.


The master plan is currently being published and along with the walking track design maps, will be placed on display in July 2021.


Finalising the master plan and REF

The Tomaree Coastal Walk Draft Master Plan and Draft REF were placed on exhibition in mid-September 2020 for six weeks, to provide an opportunity for the community to review and provide feedback on the proposed concepts.  


Over 140 submissions were received providing both support for the project and constructive feedback on how the concepts could be improved. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review and comment on the plans. Your feedback is much appreciated.


NPWS reviewed all submissions and has prepared a submissions report to outline the issues raised and how they have been considered in the final master plan. The submissions report is attached to this email and may also be viewed online.   


The master plan is currently being published, along with the walking track design maps. It will be available online to view in July 2021.   


The master plan provides a framework for the $6.7 million Tomaree Coastal Walk project, as well as a long-term vision for future visitor facility improvements in Tomaree National Park.

The plan aims to balance conserving Tomaree National Park’s natural and cultural values with visitation demands, by creating experiences to better manage existing and future visitation.

While not all improvements identified in the master plan will be delivered as part of the Tomaree Coastal Walk project funding, the priority for delivery is the 20-kilometre Tomaree Coastal Walk. This will involve upgrading existing tracks and the construction of new sections of track to provide a connected walk from Tomaree Head to Birubi Point.

Delivery of the supporting precinct upgrades including major improvements on Tomaree Headland will be subject to future funding.

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been finalised and approved, taking into account changes made to the project following community input and further technical investigations. The approved REF can be viewed online.



Detailed design planning

We are continuing conversations with key stakeholders in the detailed design planning stage of the project. This includes further consideration of geotechnical, safety, local amenity and natural and cultural heritage issues.

Detailed precinct design work has also commenced for the lower priority precinct upgrades including Tomaree Head and Iris Moore. This will mean that precinct upgrades will be ready to go should additional funding become available.


The design maps will be displayed on the Tomaree Coastal Walk webpage as they become available.


Walking track upgrades at Big Rocky

Minor maintenance work on a section of the existing Little Rocky walking track at the Big Rocky precinct will commence next week. The work will involve installing twenty metres of low raised boardwalk over a section of track that is prone to flooding.


The Little Rocky track will be temporarily closed for up to one week, weather permitting, to allow for the completion of the work. Check for closure alerts on the national parks website before visiting.


The work will have immediate benefits for visitors by providing improved access to the Little Rocky walking track.


In addition, work is scheduled to commence in July 2021, to repair and formalise a new low-key walking track from Big Rocky carpark with north Samurai walking track. Work will also include installing steps and improving the access to the Skate Bay track.  


All works will be carried out in accordance with the Tomaree Coastal Walk REF.


Next steps


  • The master plan is being published and is expected to be on the website in July 2021.


  • Ongoing conversations with key stakeholders to inform the detailed design plans for the walk.


  • Minor track maintenance and upgrade work at Big Rocky will commence in June 2021.  


Inquiries for the project team can be directed to: NPWS Hunter Coast Area

 Banner photo: Destination NSW/DPIE.    unsubscribe

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